Volunteer Appreciation Day

A special event took place at St.Margaret’s Hospital on 12th January 2016 when over 50 people gathered for a Commissioning of hospital chaplaincy volunteers, awarding of Certificates and thanks to current volunteers.

The evening was led by West Essex Mind & Spirit Chair and SEPT Lead Hospital Chaplain Rev. Paul Walker. PAH Lead Chaplain Rev Christian Okeke who had jointly facilitated the training also took part. Special guests who kindly brought greetings and presented certificates were Phil Wing ( SEPT Head of inpatient services SMH & SW) and Prof Nancy Fontaine Deputy Chief Exec. of PAH. Rev Paul advertised the work of Mind & Spirit , their local information leaflet and upcoming events

Certificates were awarded to a record 18 who were graduating from the 8 week training course. Rev. Christian spoke about the value of chaplaincy. Local PAH midwife Jane Walker & visitor Louise Want led singing from the St.Margaret’s Hospital “Songs of Praise “ book.

Finally Rev Jonathan MacNeaney , Chaplain Duncan Whitehouse and other leaders representing local Churches prayed and commissioned the chaplaincy volunteers who would be providing holistic care at the hospital site in conjunction with the Chaplains.

The event concluded with trainees, special guests along with family and friends enjoying refreshments prepared by Jane Walker and team.