North Essex Cluster

Caring For The Carer - held on 14th September 2017

On the 14th Sept North Essex mind and Spirit hosted a lunch and session ' Caring for the carer'

It was an inspirational talk which was beautifully communicated in a sensitive and informative way. It was a reminder of how we need to care for ourselves to be able to care for others and that faith communities can play a very important role in supporting those who care for others. We were reminded of the 5 areas we should each exercise in our lives for wellbeing and we can encourage others to do this as well. Be Active, connect with others, take notice of what is happening around you, keep learning and Give. We were encouraged to acknowledge that when a person struggles with their mental health there is rarely a quick fix but rather a complex challenge, a mystery to unfold and many different avenues and things may need to be tried and built one to move closer to mental wellbeing. I was particularly touched by the closing comments that Wendy made regarding the Sequoia tree. This incredible and beautiful tree can only reproduce if it is scorched by fire and the tree survives after such challenges. It is also largely protected under severe environmental challenges such as hurricanes due to the trees around it 'the community of trees' each playing its role to shelter and support the trees around it. This was the challenge we were left with to ponder over lunch, how can we support the carers in our communities or encourage and be a part of what our faith communities can do?

For a copy of the presentation, please click this link to download
Carey Watson - Occupational Therapist.